The Laboratory facilities at the Centre are being gradually built up over the years to make it capable of conducting R&D and testing work related to energy management and conservation. Various instruments currently available and extensively used for its R&D and Consultancy works are:

Sl No.  Name of the instrument  Make & Model
1 Portable Load Management System Krykard - ALM3
2 Handheld Load Analyser Krykard-Nanovip
3 Datalogger RCC Interlogger
4 Auto LCR-Q Tester Systronics-928
5 Harmonic Analyser Fluke-41B
6 Digital Multimeter Fluke-76
7 Digital Energy Meters Unilec
8 Clamp on Harmonic Analyser AEMC Instruments
9 Oscillosopes Philips – OS 9100 P, 100 MHzTektronix – TDS 220
10 Multi meter Chauvinarnoux, F11
11 Lux meter Chauvinarnoux ,CA 810
1 Heat flux Meter Heat Probe - HB 100
2 Digital Thermometer Fluke 51
3 Non-contact Tachometer Lutron TM 909
4 Bomb Calorimeter Arico-Deluxe
5 Digital Lux Meter Lutron, LX-101
6 Humidity Tester TFA
7 Sound Level Meter Lutron, SL 4001
8 Altimeter Barigo 41
9 Pitot Tube IEICOS
10 Pressure Monitor EMCON
11 Infrared Thermometer Lutron TM 909
12 Digital Thermometers K- Type, Chromal -AlumalRTD, PT-100
13 Digital Manometer MAESTER, M3000
14 Prismatic Compass G/H
15 Air velocity Flow meter AIR FLOW, UK, TA4
16 Flow meter (stream discharge) EMCON

EMC has also procured many other misc. instruments like Voltmeters, Ammeters, Watt meters, Multimeters, Auto Transformers, Function Generators, Pressure Gauges, Mercury Thermometers etc. for field work and other experimental purposes.


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