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Today six preseason games, wild Ma Haiying showdown is most exciting battle, played preseason playoff taste. Opening, both basic lineup played discharged. Broncos want revenge, the Seahawks will want to defend their honor. After probing each other, Peyton - Manning (Peyton Manning) took the lead, using a series of advance after one yard line before rushing touchdowns. This series, the Broncos chose three or four external Everett add a shotgun formation. Toss to start the center of each round to attack the quarterback, center and quarterback about about five yards away, so the defensive line players will need to spend more time close to the quarterback and intercept, which gives the quarterback relatively more The time to make judgments. Pick players such as shotgun bullet spread, so the defensive player had to expand their defensive area, some forming one of confrontation. Quarterback selection advantage in the fight against the pick players for the ball, once defensive vulnerability, you can easily pass to nobody marker pick players and get more yardage advance. Hopefully, after a number of successful passes, defensive backs who have had to retreat, to increase the depth of the defensive zone, in order to increase the advantages of direct confrontation with the catcher. However, once the defensive backs defensive retreat began, Mustangs Ensemble began to choose red ball attack, five offensive linemen blocking four people in charge of the defensive linemen, running back for the open, and sometimes even have the strong side by moving five blocked 3 people happens, this local advantage could very easily be converted to long-distance running yardage, and forcing the defenders had to return to the kick-off line to suppress, this time, Manning also pass through a time of the cheap authentic jerseys wholesale ball to control the game.

Compared to the Super Bowl a war, Broncos offensive repertoire and cheap nfl nike jerseys china there is no difference, but in this preseason has played a role, there are changes cheap nba authentic jerseys in two details: First, the Broncos to the right tackle Chris - Clark (Chris Clark) is not completely off the hook; secondly, Manning's hand speed is faster than the Super Bowl (or defensive cheap jerseys online player to later). Changes in these two details to enhance the stability and accuracy Manning pass, when to run the ball and the inside of the offensive linemen will go to the outside help or offensive tackles Everett blocking defensive line players together to form cheap custom jerseys from china local advantage. We can say that the Broncos played so smooth in the first quarter of the attack. Then, give the ball to the Seahawks. Seahawks and Broncos discharge of a similar formation, but in most cases the use of 3 Everett took over a shotgun formation. Seahawks Russell - Wilson (Russel Wilson) passing level slightly lower than Manning, but he is a good running-type quarterback.

Although Wilson has twice captured and killed, but the Broncos defensive backs can be described as full of mistakes, did not give enough pressure Seahawks offensive group, and finally because the Seahawks defensive foul sent before reaching the end zone one yard line. Seahawks rushed to seize the opportunity to complete a touchdown run. After that, put the Broncos backup quarterback Brock - Oscar Wheeler (Brock Osweiler), formation happened very significant change: the original scattered stations pick players who are close together on the offensive line consisting of a dense The I formation.

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