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Technical support for KSECBC compliance check

The Kerala Energy Conservation (Building Code) Rules 2017 is applicable to buildings or building complexes which have a connected load of 100kW or greater or a contract demand of 120 kVA or greater, or having an conditioned (Air-conditioned) area of 500m2 or greater and are intended to be used for commercial purposes such as Commercial Complexes, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Motion Picture Theatres, Office Buildings, Banks, Educational Buildings, Cyber Parks etc., and others that are not primarily used for manufacturing process, expect building for residential purpose.

EMC-Kerala provides technical support for KSECBC compliance checking of the proposed buildings. The technical support is provided in 2 stages.


Stage 1

The Applicant has to submit the KSECBC scope analysis form  and the required data for KSECBC compliance check as given below.


Design Development Documents (DWG format)

Miscellaneous data

  • Site Master plan Drawing
  • Structural Drawing (ifany)
  • Floor Plans (Sub Structure-Basement & Super-Structures)
  • Lighting Layout & Interior Detail
  • Sectional Elevationm Drawing
  • Envelope Details/ Façade/ Elevation Drawings (with Details of  Joinery Schedule)
  • Mechanical Drawings (HVAC and other mechanical details)
  • Electrical Drawing
  • Plumbing Drawings (if any)
  • Roof & Wall Assembly
  • Landscape Details Drawing (if proposed) & Topography Map (if any)
  • 3D Model (if any)
  • HVAC System Type& Efficiency
  • Proposed Construction Materials List &Specifications*
  • Glass Specifications (U- Value, SHGC ,VLT)
  • Equipment Load (Process & Non-Process Loads)
  • Occupancy Details
  • Hours of Operation
  • Renewable Energy Details (if proposed)

*The above furnished data will be the Preliminary data for Evaluation. Any Additional  DATA (if any) shall be shared by the building owner to the EMC whenrequired.


  • The applicant shall submit the Cover letter on “Request for Technical Support” in the “Applicant’s Letter Head”, with seal and sign of the applicant. EMC carries out the verification the submitted documents and details through it’s empanelled Building Energy Efficiency Experts. The client/ building owner is responsible for providing all necessary documents required for compliance checking. Only on receipt sufficient data for GTI note shall the compliance checking procedure can beinitiated.
  • On the Completion of Scrutiny, GTI (Good-To-Initiate) Note will beprovided by BEEE to EMC-Kerala. Based on the GTI note from the respective BEEE, to mark the initiation of KSECBC 2017 compliance Check for the project proposal the respective fee as prescribed below shall be remitted to EMC.


Stage 2

  • On receipt of the GTI note from EMC-Kerala, the applicant has to submit the receipt of the technical service charge remitted asprescribed.
  • Upon receiving the application, EMC shall complete KSECBC compliance check within the given time frame through the BEEE. Towards the completion of the KSECBC 2017 Compliance Check by the BEEE entrusted by EMC, EMC-Kerala shall provide a KSECBC compliance report specifying the design and execution suggestions (if any) for required

Technical service charge and expected time frame

To avail the services, the applicants need to remit the service charge to EMC-Kerala as prescribed below.



Time period forECBC

compliance check(Working days)*

Built up area (Excluding unconditioned basement area)

Invoiced by EMC-Kerala (Excluding GST)


30 days

Less than or equal to 1000 m2


Above 1000m2

10,000 + Rs.10/m2 for the additional BUA (Excluding unconditioned basement area) above 1000 m2

Fast track

15 days

Less than or equal to 1000 m2


Above 1000m2

15,000 + Rs.15/m2 for the

additional BUA (Excluding unconditioned basement area)

above 1000 m2

*The duration of KSECBC compliance checking shall be calculated from date of receipt of fee along with the GTI note. In case of any lack of Project Data found on the process subsequent to the GTI Note, extensions in time frame may occur on the above-mentioned time frame equal to the delays in acquiring all the required additional/missing data.

# The time may extend based on the built up area. If the built up area is more than10000 m2 the minimum time period may extend at a rate of 1 day per 1000m2

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