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Small Hydro Promotion Cell At EMC (Under Department Of Power Govt. Of Kerala)

Small Hydro Promotion Cell (SHPC)
In order to give an impetus to the development of Small Hydro Projects in the Kerala State, Government of Kerala has constituted a Small Hydro Promotion Cell under the direct control of Principal Secretary (Power), Government of Kerala. The Cell was functioning in Energy Management Centre from October 2002.
Sixty-one Small hydro Projects identified by KSEB with an installed capacity of 161MW and average annual generation of 436 Mu are given for allotment. Out of 30 Projects advertised in the first phase 11 Numbers of SHP schemes were allotted to CPP/IPP in year 2003-04.
Administration, monitoring of progress etc. of eleven small hydropower projects already allotted to IPPs and CPPs.
Consultancy assignment for ANERT for the development of wind energy farm at Ramakkalmedu & Pushpakandam including the preparation of RFQ & RFP was successfully completed which fetched an income of Rs 9.62 lakhs.
The proposal mooted by SHPC for the joint development of wind farm by KSEB & ANERT was approved & the same may lead to an investment of Rs. 20 Crores for a wind farm of capacity in the range of 5MW.
The draft documents for the preparation of the tender documents by KSEB for the development of the above wind farm were prepared by SHPC.
Malankara Plantations Ltd was allotted the 400kW Parappanthodu mini hydro scheme by the Govt. under the captive category. The allotment fee of Rs. 4 Lakhs is to be remitted by the promoter to the Govt. along with the TEFR as per the allotment condition. SHPC earned Rs.40, 000 by way of processing and inspection fee.
Revised proposal to the Govt. by the allottee for the Attle SHP scheme was studied and repot submitted to Govt.
Technical auditing of implementation of SHP projects enabling to frame policies for cost effective implementation.
The revised guidelines for (i) the development of small hydropower (>100kW to 25MW) and (ii) micro hydro schemes (<100kW) were prepared and the same is under the consideration of the Government.
SHPC have now initiated a consultancy assignment for KINFRA for the development of Wind farm under the captive category for the requirement of power for KINFRA’s industrial parks.
The second stage bidding process for 12 projects is now in RFQ stage.
 Hydro Potential
   Kerala is abundant with natural waterfalls and streams. So far only 40% hydro potential of the State has been tapped. Power being the life blood of economic development of any State, hydro potential available in the State provides unique opportunity for investors to set up hydro plants and become part of economic development of the State.
 Strengths of Kerala
UNIDO Regional Centre for SHP at Energy Management Centre-Kerala
Attractive Industrial Policy
Advisory Services
Availability of High Skilled Manpower
Single Window for Clearance of Project
Project Counselling
Proactive and Investment friendly atmosphere
New Labour Reforms
State Electricity Regulatory Commission set up
Power Reforms well on the way.
High Hydro Potential to be explored.
 Government of Kerala’s New Initiatives on Promotion of SHPs
  As part of Government of Kerala Policy to allow greater participation of Private investors in setting up Small and Mini Hydro Projects, Government of Kerala has announced revised guidelines for allotment of Small / Mini Hydel to Captive Producers / Independent Power Producers.
 Main Highlights of Captive Policy
Eligibility: All HT/ EHT industrial consumers of K. S. E. B. with demand load 0.5 MW and above are eligible to apply for Hydel Captive Power Projects.
Capacity Ceiling: Hydro Electric Project/Projects allotted to a captive unit will be such that the total annual generation potential from the project(s) will not exceed the annual requirement of the company based on the past three years consumption plus the capacity addition expected to be added within the next five years from the date of allotment.
Basis of Allotment will be on competitive bidding for individual projects. Bidder will quote his upfront premium projectwise over a threshold premium/MW. Criteria for selection shall be the highest premium bid rate thro’ RFQ & RFP Route.
BOOT Period: 30 years from date of allotment.
Wheeling Charges and T&D losses: 15% of the energy supplied to nearest KSEB grid.
Water Cess: No Water Cess will be levied by Government for the water utilised for power generation.
Relief on Demand Charges: Relief in maximum demand charges to the extent of powergenerated by Captive Producer into the KSEB Grid as per the existing norms.
Evacuation facility and Grid Interface: Construction and Maintenance of transmission facility up to KSEB’s Grid shall be Developers responsibility. 
 Main Highlights IPP Policy
Eligibility: Any Individual/Company/Partnership firm/Joint Venture is eligible for bidding as IPP for individual or group of Projects.
Maximum Capacity: for a single Project limited to 25MW
BOOT Period: 30 years from date of allotment.
Selection Criteria: Bidder shall submit for RFQ and RFP in prescribed format. Proposals of short listed qualified bidders are only considered for allotment based on lowest bid rate for the sale of electricity for the entire BOOT period.
PPA: Successful bidder has to enter into Power Purchase Agreement with KSEB.
Evacuation facility and Grid Interface: Construction and Maintenance of transmission facility up to KSEB’s Grid shall be Developers responsibility.
Water Cess: No Water Cess will be levied by Government for the water utilised for generation.
 Further Information:
  Government of Kerala invites the prospective investors to contact the Small Hydro Promotion Cell, Energy Management Centre under Department of Power, Government of Kerala in the following address.

Small Hydro Promotion Cell
Srikrishna Nagar, 
Thiruvananthapuram 695017, 
Kerala, INDIA.
Fax: 91-471-2594923.
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

30 പീക്കോ (കുഞ്ഞൻ) ജലവൈദ്യുത പദ്ധതി നടപ്പിലാക്കുന്നതിന് സബ്സിഡി നല്കുന്നു. രണ്ടാം ഘട്ടം 2014-15

Kerala State Small Hydropower Policy 2012

50 പീക്കോ (കുഞ്ഞൻ) ജലവൈദ്യുത പദ്ധതി നടപ്പിലാക്കുന്നതിന് സബ്സിഡി നല്കുന്നു. മുന്നാം ഘട്ടം 2015-16


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